Nuclear Holocaust

Peace in the Middle East is blossoming.
Indigenous Middle Easterners are united against the enemy of peace – the violent dictators of Iran. America should not stop the peace by empowering the enemy of peace.
No nuclear deal.  No nuclear holocaust.

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Stockpile of Enriched Uranium

Joel Courtemanche

May, 8 2021

Do "they" expect Iran to give up the stockpiles of Enriched Uranium, or stop working to enrich more Uranium if we play nice and remove some of the restrictions against Iran? I don't think so - it would be another stupid move.

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Peace in the Middle East is blossoming

Cecilia Garcia

May, 7 2021

Peace has started in the Middle East, and no country should do anything or has the right to jeopardize that.

Iran isn't to get any nuclear power weapons of anywhere

Larry b Randolph jr

May, 7 2021

Please don't let the Iranians get a hold of any kind of nuclear power or weapons to start up a nuclear war against people of America and Israel and other countries that are on their path to freedom democratic leadership and freedom from those who want to control over their lives

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Iran must not have nukes.

Joel Channing

May, 7 2021

Iran must not have nukes.

Iran deal

Debbie Karp

May, 7 2021

I dont understand how darlings with Iran is even considered. It wasnt shocking when Obama made that INSANE decision. Majority of Jews feel that he is not a jew lover anyway. How any US president can trust and help the most terrorist country in the world is beyond many of us and i wont even start with giving Palestinian govt. money to pay terrorists of for killing Israelis And Americans. If the Congress doesnt try to make Biden (who i voted for) understand the consequences of playing nice with terrorists, which includes too many members if congress This is why many Jewish and pro Zionists didnt vote Democratic this last election. What is it with demo cats, even jewish ones? Is the PA such a good friend? Bulding tunnels for millions of $ Boming orchards where many of their citizens work and make a good living. The money We send them, should have limits. It should be spent to improve Gaza and life for their citizens. Its so sad That our representatives know so little about the history, old and new about that area. Maybe you should all read the San Remo accords. Maybe you should be appreciative of having such a productive and contributing partner in the Middle east. Can you all please remember that jewish sufferings didnt start In 1938 but for centuries of not having a country? Of Centuries of discrimination killing and throwing out of homes? Taking all our property no matter how small. No higher education. Di you all get the fact that present israel was built by Survivors of concentration camps? Do you have any concept of what has been contributed to the world by them in the last sixty years? Tell me what has the Palestinian or the Arab world for that matter, co tribute to the world? Money for cemeteries? One Noble prize in literature since its existence? You people on the hill have to realize that many Palestinians do want peace but their leaders DO NOT. And by the world giving them hundreds of millions of dollars without conditions nothing will change and if jewish org are successful in the next few years the Dems are not going to do well in next elections. I did not or tespe y Trump But no one can deny he cared more about israel then Biden or too many Dems and im not taking about the known and outspoken anti semites who in their FIRST term were put in committees with their well known feelings. Israel did not make refugee camps, their government did. Just like ke they start brainwashing children in kindergarten to hate jews. Another generation taught to hate. I could go on but the most is issue is that your body of reps need to really understand what id the truth and what is fantasy. West bank was Jordan and Gaza was Egypts till 1967. As for majority of Palestinians did not live in israel proper. And ones that did Are dead. Very few are true citizens of pre 1949 israel. The world does not owe them anything They chose to leave on the promise That the other Arab countries would drive the Jews into the sea(and still do!!) So keep giving them money and help Iran so they can keep supporting terrorists. You guys have to get your priorities straight. Now Obama with his book and the fifteen major lies about israel proves what i said about his feelings about the jews and israel. Im sure he had no problem taking money from them for his campaigns. As the child of survivors and born in a DPcamp i cannot comprehend that a person like Trump did more for israel more. It’s sad. It also would be nice if you would do something in our universities to stop descrimination against pro Jewish and pro Israel speakers. This is a big problem not helping discourage antisimetic attitude in our new generations. They believe the lies they are told by far left speakers. They aren’t armed with the reality only the lies. I never thought as a Democrat that i would ever live to see that. Im very disappointed in our Democratic party, as many of us are

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Iran Nuclear Deal

Melissa Hardaway

May, 6 2021

This was a mistake in the beginning and Obama and Kerry pushed this on the US. Iran is the the largest state sponsor of terrorism. They cannot be trusted. It was wrong then; it’s wrong now.

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Iran nuclear deal

Robert Monaco

May, 5 2021

Apr, 16 2021

Peace in entire world. Thats what we need. PERIOD.

Iran's Nucleair Ambitions

Mireille Mechoullam

Apr, 15 2021

It will be a disaster in the Middle East and all the World

Iran nuclear deal

David Sananman

Apr, 13 2021

If there is a new deal to be made with Iran regarding its nuclear program it must completely end uranium enrichment and remove any enriched uranium for its weapons program. Also there must be a strict limit or complete ban on medium and long range ballistic missiles. And third, Iran must withdraw its personnel from and end military aid to Lebanon, Iraq and Syria and end its aid to the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

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Since Japanese war 1945

Ralph Wiznitzer

Apr, 10 2021

No one wanted to start World War three but Iran regimes so close making nuclear weapons [suitcase] underground deep subway to Israel.Its important to destroy military bases,navy.Around 4 Israelis dolphin submarines surrounded Iran 24/7.Israel dont have any choices to kill civilians [as little as possible].American government from 1980s,didnt destroy Iran regime [ should have].95%Arabic COUNTRIES wanted Iran regime Gone! Only way is Iranians should starting civil war against Iran regime ASAP...

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Vivian Levin

Apr, 10 2021

Do not let Iran build nuclear weapons

Iran Nuclear Deal

Jeffrey Zimmerman

Apr, 8 2021

The Iran Nuclear Deal is a pathway forward for Iran to build the weapons of mass destruction they have already vowed and committed to use to destroy Israel in a second holocaust. Biden is naively pushing to re entered this badly flawed deal that actually gives Iran the time, money and resources to build its nuclear weapons by 2030 or sooner.

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Dare to say the truth


Mar, 11 2021

I truly admire the honesty, peace is not just closer than ever before with an Israeli/Egypt agreement forming, and a UAE/Israel agreement, the middle east has finally entered the 21st century

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